Susan was my coach for most of 2020. My goal was to build a legal basement suite and after listening to Susan on a podcast, I knew that she was the perfect coach for me since I had zero experience.Susan literally changed my life. She helped me shift my mindset and taught me to see that every problem has a solution. We just have to be creative!

Every time I was discouraged or fearful, she would keep guiding me through those fears. Without her support, I would not have been able to complete my first legal basement suite. The unit is now fully rented and was recently appraised for 180K over our expected appraisal!!

Susan has given me the confidence and the mindset to continue and grow my real estate portfolio. She is an amazing coach and I will always be grateful that we met.

Thank you Susan!


I had the privilege of meeting Susan at an Investors Group in Barrie several years ago. Immediately upon meeting her I was impressed with her knowledge and comfort with real estate investing.  My husband and I have partnered with Susan who has already coached us in three successful ventures. Always available at the end of a phone, Susan always conducts herself with calm confidence and professional integrity, with a personal touch. We highly recommend Susan to anyone considering real estate investing.

Nancy and Lynn S.

I had been investing in real estate for 10+ years and I was losing interest. Susan guided me on new approaches and creative ideas that have proven profitable – and much more interesting. She has been a key part of my real estate growth for the future.

Paul V.

Ever since I was a young lady, I can remember wanting to invest in real estate. I read Rich Dad, Poor Dad and many wealth creation books. The common thread that I read through all of them was to invest in real estate. Being a landlord, for me, represented security and financial freedom for my future. Having grown up without a lot, having lived in women’s shelters and been on the renting side for many, many years, building a real estate portfolio was a dream, and at one point in time seemed like an impossible dream. Through my early adult years, I bought and flipped houses based on where I lived. When I met Susan, I saw the opportunity to grow and develop a real estate portfolio. Having bought houses and renovated houses and understanding the cost involved in recruiting and hiring contractors and architects and the time involved in going to Home Depot and picking finishes and the time involved being at the city and arguing for whatever, I really was looking for a partner to do those aspects of building a portfolio that I didn’t love to do. Susan was that partner for me. She helped me build the real estate portfolio of my dreams without the hassle.

I met with Susan and I found her to be a trustworthy, credible individual. I was thrilled that she was a woman. Having worked with men in the past, I often was left feeling like they didn’t take me seriously. They didn’t accept my contribution of intelligence and I often felt railroaded and taken advantage of. I found the whole process to be exhausting. I was more than thrilled to work with Susan, especially because she was a woman. In the first year we bought seven houses together. More than anything I ever thought possible. Susan made the process easy for me and helped me realize a dream I dreamt a long time ago.
Today I feel more secure with my financial future, having my real estate portfolio. And I feel even more secure with my partnership with Susan as she is loyal, trustworthy, committed, and has a big vision. Susan is easy to work with. She’s friendly, she’s down to earth and she’s highly knowledgeable. More importantly for me, she doesn’t just talk the talk. She’s not reading a book or following someone else’s system. She’s actually doing the do and bringing you along with her. Thank you, Susan, for everything you’ve done.

Sophie B

We have had the privilege of working with Susan White-Livermore for the past number of years by managing her properties in the Barrie area.  Her professional and collaborative approach to real estate investing and second suite conversions is second to none. Susan’s focus is on creating above-standard rental units, therefore allowing for higher than average market rents.  Her team approach gives us the ability to market units early in the process and reduce wait time on vacancies. Susan’s business model has allowed us to create a win-win-win scenario for her and her partners, the tenants and our management team.

Rob H.