Does mindset have a role within investing?

GTA Duplex Conversions, a Winning Real Estate Strategy


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You Miss 100% of the Shot’s You Don’t Take

You Miss 100% of the Shot’s You Don’t Take (Wayne Gretzky) Over the weekend I put in an offer on a property that I didn’t even […]

Stop Minimizing Yourself…. Own How Amazing You Are!

Your confidence depends on it!!! Have you ever had one of those weeks where everything you touch seems to go wrong? Where problem after problem seems […]

Illogical Fear… Is it Keeping You From JOY?

I decided that 2019-2020 is going to be the year of pursuing joy in whatever way I can.    My commitment to this intention has meant […]

Doing the Right Thing (is always the right thing)

I had a call with a potential investor to join myself and a contractor in acquiring an investment property. The plan was that I would bring […]

Embrace the Embarrassment…it’s the MM way

I first met Bob Proctor when I attended one of his six-day trainings. I was and am in total awe of this gentleman.  At 84-years-old he […]

Does it really need to be such a struggle? I don’t think so.

Over coffee with an investor colleague recently we were talking about the people we hire. Like me, she does a lot of renovations, and she told […]

You Need To Know Where You Are Now… (in order to get where you’re going)

In order to make progress in any part of life, you need to know where you are now before you’ll ever have clarity on how to […]

The Biggest Obstacle to Investing In Real Estate Might Be You!

(but I know you have a long list of other things, don’t you? ) I’ve spent a lot of time contemplating this question and going over […]

It Doesn’t Matter What Others Think Of You… and other simple truths

To be an entrepreneur you’re going to be doing things that many people just do not agree with. These might be things that make you stand […]

Seek Happy…Because Success Follows Happiness

It’s also very good for business! I was at dinner last night with friends that I have know for…Yeah we aren’t going there but let’s just […]

How To Make Money on A Rental Property PART 3

So, your property is tenanted, it’s up and running and maintenance is now your main concern. Here is the third way that you can look forward […]

How To Make Money on A Rental Property Part 2

In Part 1 of this series, I mentioned the first component of return on investment (ROI) for your property was cashflow. A second element in your […]

How To Make Money on A Rental Property Part 1

Once you get a property up and running, meaning that you have a tenant or multiple tenants in it, and you’re at the point where you […]

Buying In a Downturn Market

Should You Still be Buying in a Down Market?  The Answer is Yes, and Here’s Why. I get asked this question a lot: are you still […]

When The Market Turns

They happen…market downturns are one of the events you’ll encounter. For the still cautious, newer real estate investor, or the more experienced one who is feeling […]

Stop Comparing Yourself

It took me quite a long time to stop comparing myself to my colleagues. I learned to keep my head down and just stay in my lane […]

Work Life Balance

We have this belief that work should be done on work time and personal stuff should be done on personal time and that the two really […]

Becoming Millionaire Mom

How I Became “Millionaire Mom” This was definitely not my objective when I first started out in real estate investing. My intent early on was first […]